I love the sound I get out of this thing but I have the strange suspicion I'm not using it correctly. I checked out some other forums and I read that people have the settings already between 10 and 2 o clock. I have to always have both the output and sensitivity all the way turned up to get the required volume and sound out of it. I obviously thought about turning my amp up, but if the compressor is off, the volume is way too loud.

What the hell am I doing wrong? 
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something seems not quite right...

also, i hated the dynacomp i had. noisy. not right for me. oversquashed everything.
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People who complain that their compressor is 'too noisy' make me lol.

I'm not sure how anyone can expect to not be noisy with a compressor if the signal-noise ratio of the signal you're putting into it is already poor.
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I love the dynacomp-start combination. I like having the output at 2-3 o'clock and then the sensitivity at 9-10 o'clock.
Line the output up with your amp's volume. If you want it truly just for compression, you'll want the output the same as the amp (so no volume change when you turn it on/off). Unless you want this to also be a boost, then obviously you'll want the volume to increase when you turn it on...

For sensitivity, I'd start at 12 o'clock and play around with it to find how much squish you are looking for.