Hey guys,

So basically I'm coming in to a large influx of cash over the coming weeks and in typical 24 year old fashion I'm going to blow a bunch of it on gear.
Now I'm mainly looking for recommendations on what I could add to my home setup to further benefit my sound. My set-up is almost exclusively for home playing / recording but I'm looking to start playing at small venues in the near future.

Currently I'm running my Axe FX2 in to the return of my 6505+ upgraded with a v30 speaker. I quite like the sound but I'm sure there's something more that can be done to it, in particular with my "cabinet". I play primarily progressive metal, but I do dabble in some Blues/Roots and Muse etc, but in particular I'm going for a real quality distorted sound, in particular that of John Petrucci, Jari Maenpaa of Wintersun and Paul Waggoner of Between the Buried and Me.
I also have a real cheap recording setup of my Focusrite Scarlett Solo and a Perception AKG 120 microphone, but I'm intending on finally buying an SM57. I don't have studio monitors because I'm pretty clueless when it comes to that stuff honestly.

My budget is no more than $1500 AUD and I am willing to go used. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Maybe get rid of the 6505 since you're just using it as power amp? Then get a power amp and a 4x12 or 4x12, or go stereo.... I don't know what would work good with AxeFx, people usually are going solid state on this and even using powered monitors.