Hey guys!  

I have been recording for a while with digital amps sims but now I am ready to try something new.
I found Orange Micro Dark online. In all demos this amp sounds awesome and reviews are positive. I don't have a guitar cab so the only way to recrod this thing would be by using a cab sim. The amp has built in cab sim but it sounds terrible.
Can one record the amp direct to interface and then use cab sim vst? Or  is it just like a tube amp and one can not turn the amp without a speaker or load box?
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honestly you'd be better off getting a Line 6 POD if all you want to do is record. i use oe and get good results. (see profile for examples. 
I use Bias FX  and I find it much better that Line 6 POD but I want to try something not digital. 
EY8CC From what I see the Micro Dark can run without a load. It has an SS power section. Tube power sections are the ones that do not like improper loads. However at the price point of the MD and since you intend to record it direct, I'd say it is not really worth the time and money. Direct input to amp sims or modeling floorboards will get you similar, possibly better results. The real magic happens when you put a mic up to a guitar amp+cab cranked up.