Hi guys,

Some of you say my previous post about if to trade or not. I took your advise and took it!

She is a beauty and in mint condition! Plays great and sounds great. It has Sperzel locking tuners and a Wilkinson VS100 floating tremolo. One volume and one tone with push/pull coil splitting. It has 4 single coils (Yamaha AlNiCo?? I assume) in HSS configuration, so the humbucker is actually two single coils together and connected in series, therefore the “split humbucker” is actually a real true coil.
I played some Santana, Deep and Van Halen to try it out with the trem and everything goes great.

What did I give up? An Ibanez RG321MH that I bought used (in good condition) with a new Ritter bag for 200CHF, the bag alone is worth 75CHF so I got this Yamaha for a bit more than $100 which for me is a steal!

Here are some pictures!


Thank you all for your advise!

P.S. If you live in Zürich and want to get together and jam, send me a PM.
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excellent EDIT: assuming it's in good nick i think that's a pretty good trade
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Nice guitar.

Why did you get rid of the Ibanez?
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