Hi guys!

So I've been planing on recording my band's debut album for a while now. But, since the whole band pretty much went to shit, it's become my solo project thing, since I wrote everything anyway. I decided im just gonna give it a try and record it by myself, since I have a laptop, interface, Superior drummer and a kemper The only thing im missing is a microphone that i could use to record vocals. I have some random dynamic mics that we used for band practice, and i have a Behringer C1 that i bought years ago, and honestly, most of them sound crap.

That being said, i dont really have a solid idea on what kind of microphone would be appropriate here. I was looking at Shure SM7B, that most people seem to use, and it looks great, especially since you can actually scream into it from closeby, so you can move around with it. But how does it fare for clean vocals? I do a mix of screaming and singing. Also, it seems pretty pricy. Are there any similar mics, that dont cost as much? I COULD go up to 400€ with my budget, but id rather i didnt, and i also have to include one of those nifty soundscreens that people seem to use a lot nowdays, since i dont have a vocal booth obviously.

Basicly, id love to have a mic+stand+shield+popfilter (if needed) for 300€. But i can strech up to 400€ if need be. 

Thanks for your advice!
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Different mics sound different on different voices. So the only way to know for sure really is to try them, which may or may not be ideal. SM7B is the norm, and it absolutely works on clean vocals as well as harsh. With an SM7B you don't NEED a pop shield but I would get one anyway because they aren't exactly expensive.

Lesser alternatives would be things like the SM57 or the SM58 but to be honest neither comes close to the SM7B.
SM7B is a good choice and probably only dynamic mic I'd recommend. I am currently using a condenser FET design - GT GT55 mic that I like as it gets a bit grittier, you can hear it here:

This was done on AKG C3000:

I like the AT4040 as a great all rounder, neutral and clean condenser mic that might not augment voice but captures very competently what you give it.
I have quite a few condenser mics and for vocals and I usually still like using a Rode NT1. Great for the money. I don't know about screaming though.
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