Do any of you have experience with portable recorders?

I ordered the first one on this list: http://instrumentgeek.com/portable-music-recorder/

I'm mostly going to be using it during an upcoming camping trip but I don't think I'll have too much time to mess around with it beforehand. Are there any things I should be wary of, or any precautions I should take? Just want to be safe and not run into any unexpected issues.
I can suggest several things. Any of the ones mentioned in that article are good quality recorders. If all you need is a single recording device for just recording basic ideas (not a multi track) I recommend the Tascam DR5 at Walmart. It's a package deal with everything you'll need for a lot less than any of the ones mentioned in that article.

I also advise you to buy whatever you are buying way ahead of any trip and allow yourself time to become very familiar with it's operations. These recorders work great but they are totally menu driven (menu one, scroll down, hit enter, go the next menu then scroll down, go to the next menu, etc.) and you only have a small screen to guide you through the menus. If you don't get totally set up and familiar with the recorder you will spend your time trying to figuring out how to use it rather than recording any spur of the moment musical ideas. Also get some kind of padded case like a digital camera case. These things are not as rugged as you might want them to be. 
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My go to trip recorder is Boss Micro Br, I got it for $60. Can be powered from batteries, I use rechargeable as it is a bit of a power drain, usually 2AAs take about 8hrs of play, which is not bad if you get a big pack...or a $12 adapter.
Thanks; I already ordered the Tascam DR-40 so it's too late to be looking at anything else. But I probably will want to take advantage of being able to record multiple tracks so I think it was a solid purchase. What you said about the menu thing inspired me to check out some documentation beforehand though. Also I still do have to get a case, thanks for reminding me.

I'll probably just carry a few extra batteries in case.