Hey guys,
I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice. I just bought a new Kramer Pacer Classic in white and I absolutely love it. My only complaint is the low quality Floyd rose they put on it. I'm assuming they use one of the cheap Korean models. I'd like to upgrade this to either an original or the 1984 model. How difficult would this be? Plug and play or some modification required? 

Thanks in advance!
Exactly which model does it have already? If it's a floyd "Special" or the Korean made 1000 series, I'm pretty sure those are identical in size and shape to the original, so it should be a simple plug and play replacement. If it's a licensed one, maybe with the guitar's brand name on it, I'd expect it to be at least a little different.
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the_bi99man wasn't able to find much info. On it but based on other forums / reviews it sounds like it's a Kramer (gibson) licensed Floyd rose. I guess I'll try to wing it and see if I can swap them
The licenced Kramer/Gibson FR's are a direct swap for an OFR, FRT or FRS.  The only thing you may need to do is pull the old bushing to install the new bushings and studs since they (studs) may have different threads.  You can use the original bushings and studs for a while without hurting anything, they may just wear faster than OFR ones.  I would personally just use the ones that came on the guitar till they fail, if ever.    
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