Looking to get one of these amps but cant find a dealer near me. Can any one from australia reccomend any online sites thay have had good experiences with.
Ok so found a supplier but before I buy seeking last minute advice. My budget is 1000 aus, I play anything from blue to rock so looking for something versatile. Good cleans but can get dirty. I cant try a lot as im in the country so relying on demo videos. Ive mainly looked at the vox ac15, fender blues jr and the peavey but have leant towards the peavey for versatility plus the cost is the same as the other 2 but 15w more. Any advice or anything I may have missed. I prefer to buy new by the way.
The Classic 30 is a great choice.  Very nice cleans and overdrive can go all the way up to hard rock.  I really like mine for certain things.  However, a metal amp it is not -- just not voiced properly for that.  Takes pedals well.  It sucks you have to pay so much for one in Australia.  I paid $350 U.S. for mine. 
This is definatley looking like the one for me. Have watched so many soumd demos of the various amps and that one keeps getting reccomended. Not so fussed about not getting metal tones. Play a bit but not that much. Yeah always expensive to buy american made here in aus. Can get it for 900 but still sucks. Could buy cheaper used but I never have much luck that way.
I banged a 90's version around for a few years. Never had a problem with it. I did add a Tom's Tube Tamer. (imo) A good all around Classic Rock and Blues amp. I out-boarded pedals for anything heavier. It sounded good in mix.