This is the link of his playing. He is a Regional Mexican guitarist, but his style of playing has nothing to do what is typically heard in the genre. I'm assuming he's using multiple scales to acheive his style because it sounds somewhat gypsy jazz like but has hints of maybe Arabic scales? Can someone please identify?
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Major scale and some accidentals. It had some blues in it too (especially in the first tune), but a lot of the accidentals make sense when you listen to the harmonies. And it's mostly typical western harmonies.
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it's definitely got a good mix of some country and old school latin influence in the the rhythmic and cadence ideas, but he's relying a lot on chromaticism and just running up and down the major scale/arpeggios/walking lines mostly. to attribute a scale to it is overcomplicating it in the process of simplifying his ideas

for what it's worth, a lot of this doesn't sound like a cohesive piece, and a lot of the tension is kind of meddling and not treated in a meaningful way, but there are good ideas in here. i would take it for what it is - a dude noodling around like he's at guitar center trying out a guitar
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Yes! You are very right he is just noodling haha and thank you for your answer atleast I have an idea of what kind of influences he's working with to put together these licks and kind of understand his ideas!