I am set on buying the Laney Ironheart 60, but I do not know which cab to get. I prefer a 2x12. However, should I go with the IRT212 Ironheart Guitar Cabinet? Or should I try and find a better cab? My price range would be around 300, the cheaper the better tho. I would be gigging rarely and it'll be mostly for home usage and the occassional band rehearsal.
A matching cabinet for an affordable amp that has cheap, generic speakers in it? Pass.

Anything with Vintage 30's in it is going to work so much better. They're industry standard speakers for high gain amps for a reason.


Absurdly cheap cab for what you're getting. So cheap that the speakers in that cabinet will cost you more if you buy them direct from Celestion than the entire cabinet costs when buying it from Thomann. You're essentially getting the box that the speakers come in for free! The cabinet itself is half decently constructed too.
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Laney (imo) makes a decent cab. I have one of their 4x12's (came stock with Celestions) and it's a solid build. Speaker wise, I have no idea about current HH speakers sound quality, though I did have a Brit made one in an 80's Laney SS combo.... it sounded nice with that amp. 
I have an IRT-Studio and it sounds great with a Mesa 212. Never had a chance to use the Laney cab.
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Laney makes a 212 with v30 loaded, i use an irt studio with that cab, sounds great!