I mostly play thrash metal and I'm looking for Slayer/Megadeth/early Metallica tone. So, which amplifier do you think is better for that kind of stuff, JCA22H or Custom 22? Or, maybe, you can suggest me another amplifier under 400 euros.

To note that I will not use any pedals/effects.
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Out of the 2 I would go for the Custom 22.  It has more gain on tap on the Overdrive channel and less gain on the Crunch channel and has a pedal friendly effects loop.  So you will get better cleans and more gain than the 22h.  Even though you may not use pedals right now I'm sure you will in the future since those bands do use them to get their signature tones.  You will more than likely at least want a TS, Chorus, Reverb & Delay otherwise lots of their songs will sound really dry and stale compared to what you will be going for.