Idk what the hell is going on but my brand new guitar just won't stay in tune. I've spent the past hour tuning over and over again and every time I tune 1 string the string I had tuned prior goes way out of tune. Tbh I think it may be broken because 1 it's from guitar center and 2 they already screwed up the order because I ordered a natural finish and it arrived sunburst sk wouldn't suprised me if they messed up this as well.
What kind of guitar is it and was it used?  

Did you play it prior to purchasing?  

Also, what order are you tuning, high E to Low, vice versa, outside working in?  Shouldn't matter ultimately, but might inform something.  
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Badluckpalms it's a brand new , fresh out of the box rouge concert. As for if I played it before hand I did not have the option too because I ordered it online. As for the tuning for the first couple of times I went EADGBe then when I was getting really annoyed I tuned each string and then sat the guitar down for 30 or 40 seconds then came back to check that string What's really annoying is it isn't slightlyooutof tune  , it goes so far out of tune that when you pluck the string it rattles. On a side note I noticed something else while tuning, the tuning pegs require multiple turns before they tighten the strings.
Have you restrung it?

I'd try that then get back to this.  If those strings aren't neat and tight, then tuning could yield the issue you're having
"I definitely don’t write all my music in a blackout, like I used to, although I did come up with some good stuff in a blackout."
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The stringball ends might not be properly seated against the bridge plate. Tune the string, then give it a hard yank, then tune it again. Do this until it stays in tune when you yank it. I always tune like that/


remember to check the bridgepins each time you do the yank and tune.

I still suspect the strings aren't wound probably though.  
"I definitely don’t write all my music in a blackout, like I used to, although I did come up with some good stuff in a blackout."
-Matt Fucking Pike
tony00237 GC really can't "mess up the tuning issue", since the guitar was, more than likely, never out of the box.

With that said, part of the tuning issues reside in what the guitar was tuned to when shipped, (Usually they're somewhere around Db-D or D-d), and what the weather was like in Kansas, versus where you are. Also, new strings need to be broken in, and they stretch as you play them, causing the tuning to drop.

You should also stretch new strings a bit, then re-tune, rinse and repeat. Don't use too much brute force though, just bend about a whole tone, up and down the neck in a few places, a few frets apart. If you overdo it though, you can ruin a brand new string set, right out of the gate.

Something else to consider is when you tune one string up, the neck of the guitar rotates ever so slightly, causing the other strings to lose tension, lowering their pitch. That effect is really pronounced when dealing with 12 strings, because of the inordinately high overall tension on the string set.

The others have posted good advice, and whatever they've suggested needs to be checked and ruled out. But, some of what you're you're experiencing is to be expected, and is quite normal.

Assuming nothing is broken with the guitar, it will settle down over the next week or so. If it doesn't, post back, and we can look for mechanical problems..
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If it's a new guitar then the strings probably haven't settled yet. I'm guessing the manufacturer just put on a set of strings and didn't tighten them enough to stretch them out.

Whenever I put on a new set of strings it usually takes my guitars about a day or two to get used to them. They go out of tune and you have to keep fixing it. It should eventually settle though.
I agree with what everyone else has stated but would also add that the nut on that guitar is plastic and strings often stick in a plastic nut.  I'd suggest scribbling inside the nut slots with a pencil.  The graphite will help the strings slip when you tune them.
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A search on "Rouge Concert Guitar" shows $69-$79, (and $99 for acoustic-electric)...

Honestly, you should return it because you bought a toy, not a real guitar.
Save some more money to try again...  and avoid choosing the cheapest. 
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