hey guys, which pickup do you think is more suitable for metal?
can metal sound be achieved on HSS as well?
or HH specifically for metal?
It definitely can be done on an HSS setup, especially if you go with some noiseless single coils. The humbucker in the bridge position is really the only "must have" for metal.

How often are you using the neck/middle pickups? Usually just for cleans? Soloing? 
I think most metal tones are done with the bridge pickup . so I don't see why an HSS wouldn't work for metal. The single coil pickups will be good for getting a variety of different sounds.. 

But IMO not all guitars work great for metal. So just because it has a great humbucker of my choice doesn't mean that it'll sound the way I want it to. Make sure you actually try the guitar first before you buy it. I've had some humbucker guitars that were weak and thin sounding even with great humbuckers.
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what ever works for you is suitable.  yes humbuckers are usually the metal staple but singles have their place as well. HH can be used for all forms of music so it's not specifically for metal. 
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what ever works for you is suitable.  yes humbuckers are usually the metal staple but singles have their place as well. HH can be used for all forms of music so it's not specifically for metal. 

That's true for almost anything. Remember that there are some serious single-coil-size humbuckers out there.
I'd go so far to say that for prog, having the single coils could be useful for clean sections or when you want a different sound. Most prog guys have some kind of coil split or series/parallel switch on their guitars anyway, so clearly there is an interest in copping those sounds.
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I have a H-S-S soloist. It's good for metal but I do miss the hot neck humbucker sound for leads sometimes. I think H-S-S with something like a cool rails in the neck or a lil-59 would be the perfect combo. You can still get a nice single coil sound from the middle position.

Look at the guys in iron maiden. They all play strats but if you look at the pickups it's all various Seymore Duncan Rails.
abhaynayak24 In the end it's up to you. try it out and play it. see if it's what you like. I had 2 -S470's  one with EMG's and an S520ex with Dimarzio Illuminators. They were beautiful guitars that were insanely light and thin. But to me they sounded kinda thin probably because the body is so thin. In my opinion they lack low end / bass in comparison to a full sized guitar. I tried them side by side next to a Schecter Omen 6, and the Omen sounded way fuller and more dynamic to me. But what do I know. Lot's of people love those S guitars. I just one day realized they weren't what I wanted and I sold them all. I see lots of shredders and blues players like them.
I love having a single coil neck pickup. Allows me to get those delightful in-between position lead tones.
HH with s/p switch.
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jedigovnaUG im thinking of buying an ibanez SA160fm... any idea about it? you think it'll be a good choice?

Go for it!  

That one's a beast and as dementiacaptain and monwobobbo posted above, the SCs will be extremely useful.  You should hear that beast through a Diezel VH4 or Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet! Brutal.
Really depends on what tonal palette you want.

2 Humbuckers - the big thing is you usually get that fruity, gnarly, thick, mid-heavy sound with both pickups on.

On the typical HSS guitar, you trade off that setting to have 3 more different sounds - middle+bridge glassy, dingy, nasally sound with lots of highs and lows and less midrange presense, the middle pickup which has sort of a "Brick-like" sound in general, and then neck+middle which is a warmer version of the middle+bridge combination with a taste of the fruity-ish tone of the 2H setup, but it has that glassy dingy thing with it.

It really depends on if you favor tone variety more - in lieu of that one sound, or if you want that sound and are okay without the others.  Everybody likes something different.  To me they are both valid in metal, just different.
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who cares.. just get what you want. metal sounds good with a bridge pickup only. use neck pickup for solos or sweep-picking (arpeggios) - which you probably don't know how to do anyway. so for now buy a guitar that looks cool and has EMG 81 in the bridge if you want to play metal. ESP/LTD makes some awesome guitars for that purpose (EC-1000/M-1000/MH-1000)
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