I have a home in New England, and I want to be able to leave an electric guitar there over the winter.  I know, I know
it is not good to have cold, dry air.   But if I have a good hard-shell case, is there anything else I can do to allow
me to keep it there over the winter, and not be ruined by the dryness and cold?


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If you're closing up the house for the winter and the interior temps are going to match the outside temps, then no, there's really not much more you can do.

Most damage is done if there are impacts while the guitar is cold and/or during the warming up process. In the latter case, you want the temperature change to be as gradual as possible.
In my experience extreme cold will hurt a guitar more than heat.. if temperatures are approaching freezing there's a high chance your guitar will crack. But obviously a humidifier in the case will help but will need to be refilled with water often..
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dspellman Thanks for the reply.   I will probably bring it back and forth with me...

Sounds like the safe bet even a humidifier will not help if it's cold enough to freeze the water.
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