So there I am, playing a show on a chilly February night when a certain solo comes up. I decide to switch to my bridge pickup (SD Invader) and... nothing. I get home and do a complete rewire of my guitar. Everything works fine. Fast forward a few months and the same problem occurs, barely audible sound, but usually slamming the 3-way switch back to the bridge position brought it back. A few weeks ago, I bought a push/pull to use for coil-splitting. Installation was seamless and everything was working fine, then all of the sudden my old foe came back. Barely an audible sound from the Invader. I thought it might've been the 3-way switch, so I ordered a new one. After installing it, nothing changed. I wire everything up, tap the pickups with a screwdriver to hear that faithful loud popping noise from the neck (SD Jazz), but the bridge still has it's faint tap. I'm really worried that the Invader has gone kaput. Here's the schematic I used. Everything is wired up exactly as shown: 

 Here's a video showing my problem: 
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 And here's some pics of the wiring, not that it really shows anything:

 I used the multimeter on the cable when everything was wired up (plugged one end into the jack and touched the multimeter to the other end). The readings I get would be somewhere in the 140-190 range for the Invader. The 1 is always there when testing, but the other numbers would pop up for a brief second, then disappear and not reappear. Splitting the coil changed nothing. When I desoldered the pickup and used the multimeter on it alone, I got a reading of 16.4, which is only .2 off from SDs output description of 16.6. The neck pickup had no problems when being tested from the cord. 

I appreciate and thank you for any (hopefully positive) feedback!
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Those wires are messy, and some of it could be making contact where it's not supposed to... I bet all the pickups and pots are fine.
 try wiring the invader directly to output, if it works then you know it's not the pickup 
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