I'm currently investing in a new axe and i would like to know what would to the job best around 400$.
VM or a used fender? thanks!
G&L Tribute S-500, Legacy or Comanche.
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Well, for me it would depend on in what condition I could get a used Fender for around $400. Of the 3 used Fenders strats I have purchased 2 of them needed fret work / replacement, the 3rd one has completely cured my gas. http://i.imgur.com/Ol2ikt7.jpg

I also love my $60 pawnshop Squier strat, its weird but I probably use that more than any others. I had a VM tele that was just OK, just not a tele guy.
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If you live in the States, GC sells used MIM Strats all day for around $300-$400. The Squier line is pretty good overall. 
I would go mexi.
That stupid deal just gave me gas, free shipping and a 2 year warranty.
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