Today I found a new sond and I love but until now there are absolutely no chords to find...could you please help me and tell me the chords?

Thank you so much

Bb5 Gb5 | Db5 Eb5

The piano also plays a Bb over all of the chords. To achieve a similar sound, you could use a capo on the 6th fret* and leave the 1st string open. Another possibility would be tuning your guitar down a half step and leaving the second string open.

Chorus 1:

Gb | Bbm | Ebm | Gb

Ebm | Bbm | Ab | Fm Ab

Chorus 2:

Bbm Gb | Db Ebm


Gb | Bbm | Ab | Fm

Gb | Bbm | Ab | Ab

* With the capo on the 6th fret,

Bbm = Em
Gb = C
Db = G
Ebm = Am
Ab = D
Fm = Bm

Half step down tuning:

Bbm = Bm
Gb = G
Db = D
Ebm = Em
Ab = A
Fm = F#m

Either way will be easier than playing the chords in standard tuning without a capo. Then again, if you want to practice barre chords or just want some challenge, playing it in standard without capo is a good way.
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