Just finished this one up. Went for an ultra-gnarly, scuzzy tone and threw all the rules of recording out the window with this one (can you guess what pedal I used?). There's a little bit of mud in the guitars, but honestly, I think it works. Would appreciate any mix suggestions and/or critiques.  

Song is called "Toward the Gallows." Link: https://soundcloud.com/kailm-1/toward-the-gallows   

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Really cool track, especially the riff at ~0:53 caught my ear. The drums sound damn good, do you use a vst or are they real? I could only wish to get mine sounding this good lol.

I agree that the guitars with a bit of mud works for the style of the song. However I checked your soundcloud, and on the song "spiritual warfare" (which was really good btw!) you had a different tone which i think i preferred slightly (but thats just my opinion).

You should definitely do vocals to this song, I think it will really complete the picture, and I'm looking forward to hearing the finished product!
Thanks for the review man!  Regarding drums, they are real -- sort of.  I use Betamonkey Double Bass Mania series drum loops (recorded from a real drummer) in all my recordings, which are essentially just big libraries of metal drum loops organized by various BPM speeds.  The longest grooves are like 3-4 seconds long, and once I settle on a tempo for my songs, I just hunt through the library until I find something that works, then begin the arduous task of stringing them together with fills and one-shots, etc. until it sounds right for the song.  As far as processing, they are pretty clean, so you have to do your own EQ, compression, and reverb touches.  I also quite frequently have to program drum sequences with single hits to get exactly what I want -- which is very time-consuming.

As for the guitar tone on that other song of mine -- yeah, it sounds quite a bit better.  That's the tone I normally use and I know how to record with it and get what I need.  It's basically just my 6505 cranked which is essentially mix-ready without any fuss.  That, and I took "Spiritual Warfare" a lot more seriously as it is in my main genre of atmospheric black metal and part of a full album I've been working on.

For this one, I wanted to write a true death metal song rather than my usual black metal, and wanted it to have an element of the traditional Swedish death metal tone which requires the use of a Boss HM-2 pedal.  In the room, the guitar sounds amazingly brutal and gnarly, but it's a very tricky sound to record.  I quad tracked this one and I think that may have been a mistake.  There's just too much gain and you can't hear the riffs well enough.  Actually, the more I listen to this track, the more I hate how it turned out -- haha.  I might have to re-record all the guitar rhythms without the HM-2 just to hear how it will sound.  It'll probably end up just as brutal, but more clear and tight.
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KailM This is a sick track, I'm not as much into death metal as I am black metal, although I understand the need to write music that is a bit different to the norm for a writer. I can hear the riffs just fine, and it does nail the LHP tone from Entombed. Although the Swedish death metal tone is not my favourite. I think the interlude of this track is what shines the most. The build-up/riff around the four minute mark is really good too, I think that should have been the outro instead but it's still good. 

Also, I promise my epic is still coming. It's over five minutes at the moment, and I've (musically) finished the first movement barring a few embellishments. It has taken on a more symphonic aesthetic (think The Miraculous Mandarin by Bartok + Swedish/Norwegian Black Metal + Danish Progressive/Power Metal). Lyrics will be in a darker/philosophical route.

Thanks man!  Yeah, I listen to and play a lot more black metal but I have my favorites within death metal too.  On this one I kind of mixed the Sunlight Studios (Left Hand Path) tone with a more modern tone.  All of the rhythms have an HM-2, but for the more technical riffs with palm muting, I used it in the effects loop of my 6505 rather than boosting it -- which is closer to the 6505 tone but adds a hint of chainsaw.  The riffs on this song that are really gnarly are using the HM-2 to boost the lead channel.  All in all, it's a tone I really like, but I would get sick of it if I used it for a whole album.  I like my standard 6505 tone pretty much all the time.

I'm looking forward to your track; these things take time.  If you're like me, it's hard to get more than 45 minutes a day to work on them.  Sometimes I go whole weeks without working on a track.  And the longer it is, the harder it is to get it all orchestrated.  I'm still working on "Spiritual Warfare."  I've had it on CD for a month or so now so I can just listen to it and not adjust anything.  That has revealed a lot of little subtleties that I'm going to add/fix and I'm writing lyrics for it currently.  I'm sure yours will be epic -- I really like the influences you listed and I know the production is going to be killer.   
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KailM I do like the lead tone a lot in this one. You should keep that, use your previous best rhythm tone/s, then cut down to double tracking, and you're golden (plus you will get more stuff done in shorter time).

It's more about motivation and feeling inspired. I do have things to do every day but I could still easily spend a couple of hours doing this stuff everyday. Occasionally I have moments when I'll have an explosion of inspiration, but it also has to be "channeled". I was once at the point of having started over twenty songs but none of them were finished. Now things are starting to fall into place. In fact, just in the last hour or so, it's jumped up by another minute roughly, so with a little more work, it should be done (musically, vocals are another thing).
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Thanks for checking out my song over a week ago, sorry for the delay.

I remember your Spiritual Warfare track! Particularly that I thought it was a kickass track, but that the mix wasn't to my taste because I liked more clarity. The sound on this song still reminds me of Spiritual Warfare, but I'm liking how it works here better, I think because it feels like a simpler song. I don't listen to a ton of death metal, but I really like Bloodbath's sound on some albums; it's like this song has that lo-fi quality of Resurrection Through Carnage and the...sludgy? coarse midrange of Grand Morbid Funeral.

Great job on the drums, they really drive the song forward in the first minute or so. And damn, I love that double bass part at 1:50, it just sounds so savage. Can't really make out the guitar riff but I don't care, it just feels like the previous riff is getting obliterated by the drums (in a good way).

I agree that the lead tone is super. The solo in the middle is nice and moody with the heavy delay. I just wish that the solo that comes in at the end went a little crazier to match the rise in energy - but the harmonized notes at the very end made a perfect ending.

Let me know if/when you add vocals, I'd definitely like to check it out again!
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Thanks man!  Maybe I need to automate the leads at the end to raise the volume a bit more; though I can see how more of a flurry of notes at the end might match better.  Hmmmm...

Actually, I started this song without any real serious intentions.  I should be finishing my album which is 95% completed, haha.  But I can see where this needs some grim and brutal vocals/lyrics too.  I'll see what I can do. 
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Hello there.

Theres definitely some death in this one! I love the break riff around 1:00 mark, and when it returns around the 3:30 mark after the longer break. I agree with what has been said above that it really cries out for some evil vocals.

In terms of the sound, I think the guitars are a tad noisy in some parts so it becomes a little muddy and difficult to make it the riffs in places. I'm usually wrong about these things, but it sounds like you have 1 guitar with quite a bit of reverb on doing some chords and it kinda obscures the tremolo picking of the less reverb laden guitar (I'm thinking around the 1:20 mark as an example).

Anyway, small detractions from a pretty sweet track.

If you fancy the C4C, my track is here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1758472

Griiiiiind! Very much an older, low-fi Anaal Nathrakh vibe here! I love the heavy atmosphere, but I feel like it was taken a little too far, and almost all the clarity is gone from the guitars, making it difficult to pick out what is actually being played. It's a cool guitar tone, super 90's death metal, bring it out of that reverb pit of doom and let us enjoy it!

I love that riff at :57 and at 3:30, seriously cool and evil sounding. Also agreed that the lead tone is great, very haunting, especially with the feedback outro. Fucking evil. The outro sample is perfect too. Like a dead man swinging in the wind.

Very cool track, I just wish the guitars had a little more of a tangible bite to them!

Also, I put a track up if you're interested in checking it out: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1762986
ExDementia   Thanks for the review man -- didn't think anybody was listening to this anymore!  Yeah, I agree on the guitar tone.  It's a blessing and a curse; the tone is gnarly and just right for the mood I wanted to create, but it's very unclear.  If I recorded everything with just my standard 6505 tone, you'd hear everything quite clearly, however, it would sound a lot more high-fi and polished; pretty much the same as The Black Dhalia Murder's tone.  I actually used very little reverb on the rhythm guitars and drums, but I think the fact that I quad-tracked the very thick guitar tones makes it sound like there's too much reverb (that, and my difficulty on playing those tracks exactly the same every time.)  I do want to keep the tone, but I think I'll cut it back to just two tracks left and right and make sure they are insanely tight.  I won't change the lead tone though -- and thanks for the compliment on that; I love it too.  All it is is my 6505's green channel, boosted, with a TC Electronic Hall of Fame on the "church" mode for that huge reverb sound.  No fuss is needed on the DAW, it is a mix-ready tone.

  Ultimately, this is a song that I never intended to take very seriously, but I suppose I'll get around to perfecting it eventually.  I am close to finishing an album that has been in progress for three years now, so that's kind of where my focus is at the moment.
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