Alright, I've had my guitar re strping before and this time I was just gunna do it myself, before they just put the strings the guitar came with on. This time i know what I want and I wanna put Ernie ball super slinkys on my strat. How do I go in there and buy them without sounding like a total idiot,
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act normal, not over confident and be honest. don't be afraid to say that you your aren't very experienced and you will be fine
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Just walk over to where the strings are displayed, grab a packet, buy them (buy the *correct strings* or you WILL look like an idiot) and then take it and the guitar over to whomever is doing your restringing.

But here's the thing. First, it's "restrung" (not restringed -- this will help with the "sound like an idiot" thing). Second, it's now time for you to learn how to string your own guitar.
Otherwise, you're not going to experience the joy of having string ends sitting around as cat toys, as evil things meant to stab your bare feet or as a means to screw up your Kirby vacuum cleaner. It's sort of an essential for a guitar player to know how to string his/her/its own guitar. Tremendous feeling of accomplishment on the other side each and every time I do it. "I do have eye-hand coordination!" Just...uh...don't put your eye out.

One final thing -- get over feeling like an idiot when you don't know something. I've made feeling like an idiot an art form; there's SO much stuff I don't know.
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But here's the thing. First, it's "restrung" (not restringed -- this will help with the "sound like an idiot" thing). Second, it's now time for you to learn how to string your own guitar.

I believe the correct word is "restrunged", or "restrunging", and yes, you should learn to restrunged your own guitar.
You can also buy your strings online (though if it's just one pack it doesn't make much sense and besides, you don't get to check out new gear).
Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings are 9 -42 gauge. Do you know what gauge was on your guitar before? Any chance that they were 10's (10 - 46 gauge)? I usually shop the sales and pack away 5- and 10-packs of strings. I do that because I change my strings often and because I have a lot of guitars that need strings.

Do you have a trem on your guitar?

If you're dropping a gauge (going from 10's to 9's), your guitar will have less tension on the neck and you *might* have to adjust (or have adjusted) your truss rod to compensate. You'll know if you suddenly have buzzy frets or if you have notes that aren't sounding right. No problem -- you'll just have to tweak one more thing.
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dspellman I have a strat and I know they're shipped with 9 gauge so I'd had a look at that, I don't wanna have to make any adjustments and I quite like the feel of that gauge anyway
There's not too much to worry about!

Go to your guitar shop, talk to the (wo)man at the counter and say: "Hi, I'm restringing my <guitar type> for the first time, I'd like a set of <string type> please".
They will probably just sell you the strings and be done, or because you said "first time" they may be able to give you some helpful tips. They may also try and upsell you on things like alternative string brands or fretboard cleaner (you might actually want that!).
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doive thanks that's just the kinda thing I was looking for, the guys in my guitar shop are great they should give some tips or advice