Hi, guys!
I'm looking for a budget acoustic guitar and I can't decide whether to go for the Yamaha FG800 or the Takamine GD20-NS. I don't really have the possibility to them so I'm counting on opinions on demos. Any answer will be appreciated!
Tony Done Can you tell between these two specific models though? I know the yamaha is a good model, but more friends recommended takamine. Also, the takamine is roughly €100 more expensive on Thomann. Don't know about the pinless bridge though. Would it cause any issues?

The thing about pinless bridges is that the whole of the string tension is being taken by the joint between the top and the bridge, whereas in a pin bridge the string balls lock into the underside of the top, taking the load off that joint. This is IMO a more secure arrangement. Also, I don't trust Tak and cedar tops, because you can't see grain runout in cedar as you can in spruce, and I've seen one damaged Tak with very bad grain runout.