Hey Guys just inquiring whether the Vox AC30C2 would be any good for heavier punk rock such as: Rise Against. Thanks
Is there a reason why you're looking at the AC30C2?  The guitarist from Rise Against uses Marshall amps.  Probably better off looking into a DSL combo if you want to get real close tone wise.  

But, if you're really digging the Vox thing, they can get some decent gain on their own and even more so if you push the front end with a tube screamer pedal.  Higher output pickups wouldn't hurt either.  You won't nail the Rise Against tone, but you can certainly do some heavy punk stuff with a Vox AC30.  
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If your pickups are high output enough and you crank the channel volume, a Vox could totally do punk rock.
ThunderPunk Im looking into the Ac30c2 as in Australia(where I live) they cost around $1300 and I have a budget of about $1100 and I can get the Vox AC30C2 for $950 second hand and I thought because it was cheap it may be a good option but I've also been looking at an Orange CR120 but I need a cab to match it with and for my budget I've only got around $400 to spend on a cab which I could buy a cheap marshall, what do you suggest?
The CR isn't in the same league as the Vox, put it from your mind. If I may suggest something similar but better suited to punk, look at the AC15. You'll be able to dime the volume and get much punkier tones. It will easily keep with a drummer. 
Stick a boost in front of it and you'll be sweet. Here's a super cheap boost option. I have one, it's great. 
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I would recommend Marshall or Orange (tube amps) before VOX for Punk tones. The VOX can get you there, but you'll have an easier time with the former two. Really, I would suggest not to buy something that "kinda works" and is quite expensive, because eventually you may grow out of it and you will have to buy an expensive amp again. Buy once and be done with it.

But yes, AC30 normal channel slammed with some midrange-focused drive (I like the Fulltone Fulldrive 2/3), bridge pickup, and you're set. I presume you are looking at the model with the Greenbacks, good. That will give you a bit more of a Marshally grind compared to the Celestion Blues. Also, you might could find an AC30CC2 as well. Those were the model produced right before the C2.
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You can do it, and as a Vox owner I'd say go for it because you can do that plus a lot of other genres as well if you don't want to limit yourself just to punk.

Vox OD sounds good just by cranking the amp. I use a Rat for my distortion tone, a good crunch.
Not sure of their availability in Australia but you might also checkout the Traynor YCV50B or YCS50
It sounds like these guys use Mesa amps, but a Vox set on crunch with an overdrive pedal set to drive it further should get you somewhere in the vicinity.
You might even be better off having an original sound and not just mimicking them.