Hi guys!

I've been looking for a new guitar, and after trying out some I noticed that I really enjoyed playing on guitars with a nut size of 1 3/4'' nut, and so i've been looking for models with this size.

Now, I've narrowed it down to this two Alvarez (AF70CE and AF30CE),  they're within my budget and I like the looks of them, and I've found a  AF70CE on sale for nearly the same price of the AF30CE. I am tempted to  buy it, but I can't find much info on it, and it isn't even listed on the Alvarez website. Can anyone give me any feedback on any of these guitars, especially this AF70CE? Also, feel free to suggest other guitars from this type in this price range. 

Most Seagulls have a 1 3/4 nut and I think Recording King guitars do too. Don't have any experience with Alvarez but they are a reputable brand that generally gets positive reviews.