Today I drove by a house that had an old dresser and a guitar case out on the street free for taking. Figured maybe the case might fit one of my acoustics but there was a guitar in there! Did some research and it's a 1983 Ovation Custom Balladeer model #1612. Unfortunately the bridge has come off and took off a little body wood. Apparent Ovation offered a free bridge replacement for the original owner. There are two cracks spreading out from the bridge. Doesn't seem to be cracked all the way through but from what I've researched they were mid level guitars and the ones I've seen for sale go for between $500-$700. Tucked in the case was the original receipt and paperwork from 1983 and the owner paid $395 for the guitar. There were also 2 contraptions I had no idea of. Engraved on the back was him Dunlop, and once I reread the receipt I realized they were capos. A little different than the clamp ons we use now. So does anyone have any idea if a good shop or luthier could repair the bridge and or cracks? I would love to have it repaired if possible. Tried to post pics but it won't let me from my iPhone :/
I'd go to Ovation's web site and look for an Ovation certified luthier. Ovation bridges are pretty unique and it's entirely possible that a luthier--even a really good one--with a lot of experience with more conventional acoustics won't know what to do with an Ovation bridge.
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