So I've finally decided to join the LP club and after trying the Studio, Standard, and Traditional in several guitar stores including Guitar Center, I've decided to go with a traditional due to the neck. I'm currently waiting for my ESP LTD EC-1000 to sell on reverb, but while browsing, I found a really nice 2016 Traditional in a burst color I want for $1,600 without the pick guard installed. Is this a good price for this year of LP? I know its a blind buy from online, but I know I want a Traditional at this point and I know I won't be able to find them in store for the prices online. Should I ask or less for the guitar? Its also the version WITHOUT the push/pull knobs or the robot tuner which is also why I like it.  
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Tough call. I'm guessing it's used? Is it a private sale or store? Personally I am not a huge fan of buying a big ticket item online from private sale or small store... so much can go wrong.. from description, packing... all kinds of stuff. Have you checked out GC 's gear online? They should have something in your price range and will ship to your local store...which is (imo) a better option than to your house, if there is an issue.
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