aka Bladez22 aka the ug baeeeeeee

i got you this thread because im drunk and am too lazy to get you something creative
There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
Happy Birthday nigga!
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy
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^ I'm sorry your highness I forgot that I'm subhuman. . .

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happy birthday man sailor
(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
( )_( ) signature to help him gain World Domination

Do you remember chalk hearts melting on a playground wall
Do you remember dawn escapes from moon washed college halls
Do you remember the cherry blossom in the market square
Do you remember I thought it was confetti in our hair
my name is jake and it's not my birthday

hbd, dood
hbd i got u a blade

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There shall be a stop to this madness. The battle is not over. My tasty licks aren't going anywhere.

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^ I've just realised if you say Simple Plan's 2011 effort "Get Your Heart On!" really fast in a Southern American accent, it sounds gross. . .like sexual gross!

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I'm looking for professional bongo-ists and triangle-ists to make a Progressive Technical Brutal Death Metal band
(will be called AxOxJxLxAxIxVxXxUxWxZxQxUxRxWxGxJxSxAxLxKxMxNxHxUxGxAxAxWxVxCxBxZxVx)
(Don't even ask what it means)


happy bird day

Kiss on the cheek for a sweet birthday boy.
Happy birthday! Congratulations on having the best first name in the world. 
I have nothing important to say
I got way too drunk, threw up, then passed out, and now I feel fucking awful

I drank an entire bottle of limoncello, half a bottle of amaretto, and a few beers. I don't remember drinking all the limoncello, but apparently I was really proud of finishing it
Eat your pheasant
Drink your wine
Your days are numbered, bourgeois swine!
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