I know there are seven string versions. But would a six string version work in c standard. 
It has an Alder body by the way
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I had Illuminator bridge pickup in a basswood 6 string guitar and a 7 string mahogany guitar, and they sounded great. They can do down tuned stuff. They're clear and bright enough.

I heard one guy say they sound kind of  "mushy" i've also heard " nasally" . I thought it was a nice pickup, but if you're looking to play only metal, there's probably better choices out there. 

I did a Bugera demo with those Illuminator pickups the dirty stuff starts at 4:40 , I think I was tuned to E flat though. They did great with drop tunings though.

It will be used for metal yes. I just don't want the low c to be mushy or flubby.  I can get them cheap from a friend. I know there may be a better choice but if those will do well I'll be ok with 
He has them in standard and they sound great, just wanted to make sure they didn't suck for 2 steps down

They sounded great in my 7 string which I tuned down all the way to drop A . Only took them out when I found a set of actives really cheap . I like trying out new pickups so I swap them out every few months lol . I kept the illuminators the longest though . For about a year.
I don't swap that often once I've found what I like in that guitar but i like all of my guitars to have different pick ups