Hello there and thanks for checking out my track.

This has your usual characterstic sound. I thought the the kick drum was a bit absent from the drum side of things. The solo had a cool sound to it. I also liked the little synth sound that came in during the more distorted guitar parts. Though that maybe the synth solo was a bit much.

Cool mix. Synth parts seemed crucial in this song, really helped elevate the song despite the overall simplicity. Didn't know you could solo like that. I did like the synth solo as well.
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Sounds really good! I'd recommend raising that kick drum in the mix, or EQing it differently. Overall though, it sounds great. I love the synth. 
Nice rock sound, although the mix sounds a bit muddy. Vocals are weird but work well for this song. I really like the synth solo. That's something that you don't hear very often. Overall an enjoyable listen