I got Nux Loop Core and I'm very disappointed by sound quality loss after passing through the device. For example it changes Fuzz Factory sound very noticeably (especially high-frequency oscillation noise). And for some reason with Fuzz Factory noise the looper decrease drums volume... very strange behaviuor.

So, I'm looking for a single channel looper with the best ADC/DAC on the market. Unfortunately I can't check gears before buying, so I need your help. Thank you.
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ADC I wouldn't worry about. That's easy.

Pedal manufacturers don't seem to disclose what DAC is used particularly often, and even if they did, two manufacturers can get different results with the same chipset depending on how it's implemented. Just because someone uses an ESS Sabre or an AKM DAC chip doesn't mean it's going to be good.

For what it's worth, I found the Pigtronix SPL Infinity to be a damn good looper. It is pricy though.