Hello everyone,
I just got my used Martin from Guitar Center, it's built in 2014, excellent condition, no cracks or scratches, plays very well, but after closer look I found something that make me doubt that I want to keep it and maybe better to return.
It's all-wood guitar made from rosewood.
New guitar costs 1700 in GC, I bought used for 970 including sales tax.
The fretboard near the body looks bent, and the front and back deck has crevice with the edge (don't know correct words for that parts of guitar, sorry).
I'm afraid this will get worse with time though it doesn't buzz and sounds well.
What do you think, should I return and find another one?
The crevices are about of human hair width.
Here are the pictures

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With the fretboard diving into the soundhole and loose binding Return it.  Don't accept a Martin that's less than perfect construction wise.
I would retrun if it possible.

There have been a few stories around recently about martins having medium-term stability issues - eg neck resets sooner than expected - and this might be another example.

This is an example of why I now favour buying fairly old (10+ years) acoustics, you know what you are getting in terms of geometry and tone.