So this isn't my first time submitting tabs (I am fairly a beginner though), but I can't seem to get this tab approved. It was rejected once with the reason of better and more complete tabs, and now it's been decisively rejected with the reasoning of it being a duplicate. There's only ONE other version with chords, all the other versions are actual tablature for the song (I'm just trying to submit simple chords, not the actual fingerpicking in the recording of the song), and the other version not only has chords that don't belong (asked a couple of friends to listen to my version, and the existing chord version, so I'm not the only one who agrees) but it's also intermediate difficulty - I'm trying to submit the chords with some different/less chords and simplify it so it's labeled for beginners. I'm not trying to sound butthurt and can accept it being rejected if they're truly wrong, but if I took the other version and removed all the chords that I felt didn't belong not only would it be just as hard as making a brand new version and it wouldn't stand true to the (intermediate) difficulty. Suggestions?
Not really. Chords aren't really my department. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But looking over your tab, I think you're right. It shouldn't have been rejected the second time around. It's a separate tab and a simplified version (both of which are things UG encourages).

Resubmit and I'll approve. Reply to this comment when you do so I'll know.
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Joshua Garcia Thank you! If I made a tab with similar chords, I can understand, but I was just trying to submit a beginner version of the song with my take on the chords which I thought would be helpful since the other one is a bit harder so I don't get why it was rejected. Anyhow, I've submitted it, thank you!
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Better and more complete tabs already made..

For beginners there is a "simplify option which makes the chords simpler to play,unfortunately on this occasion i have to reject. 

I'm newer to this site so maybe you guys would have some wisdom, but what's the point of UG having the ability to host many different versions of a song from different people (not even tab vs chords vs bass, simply Song Title v1, Song Title v2, etc) if my chords can be rejected on this basis? If it's a direct duplicate, or there's a lot of formatting errors or incorrect chords I get it, but I'm just a little frustrated/confused...
The song is in C standard tuning but this version is still better than the existing one which has mislabeled sections, inaccurate chords, etc. I would argue that enough changes have been made to warrant a new version
UltimateGuizar Hi,with the best will in the world i believe previous version is better,and whilst i appreciate the chords are simpler,as i said this can be achieved with the simplify option on every tab,this tool is for beginners.Nobody likes rejections,even i have had two rejected in the past.I am not sure the contributer could add to it,to be honest.we all make decisions as we see it at that time,as i mentioned this to dipoodle,there is a simplify option,and i do believe the other tab better im afraid.However i would go with the majority opinion here.
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mendace I hear what you say,however mislabled sections are not critical,these could be changed easily,chords could be open to debate,just my opinion on this one,does not mean to say i am right,but an opinion nevertheless,as mentioned i would go with the majority view.
UltimateGuizar Yeah as i say i will accept the majority view,however the submitter mentioned that they were looking to submit a simpler version,which again i accept and understand,but every tab has a simplify option for that very purpose,so that is what i have based my decision on,as with my rejections i do not go just for the pre typed replies but also add my reason to it,rightly or wrongly that was my decision,if UG would like to over rule,i accept.My decisions are made with good faith,and i understand frustrations at tabs being rejected,as i mentioned earlier in my early days i too had submissions rejected,we are all human :-)
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Ok, I misread your last post.

If the submitted tab is too similar to the simplify option version I can understand your decision.
Otherwise I feel we should encourage new contributions and help new contributors with their tabs.
How similar is it to the simplify option?
UltimateGuizarFrom memory,i am not at a PC at the moment,but the chords of the submission were the same as version 1,but version 1 included an Em on intro,verses and links and the chorus was similar but version 1 had a F#m added.Otherwise they are very similar albeit this potential version 2 would be easier to play.
I also agree,new users should be encouraged,we were all new once upon a time,but i could not see the advantage of version 2,albeit presentation good at the time of my vote.I would also add that version 1 is very highly rated 50+ 5 star ratings.
That a tab has several 5 star ratings doesn't mean that is is accurate. The tabs aren't the same, a lot of D chords have been exchanged with C chords, it has Bm instead of G/B, the interludes are completely different (D Bm D C D vs D Em Bm D D Em D). The existing tab has Em chords in the verse even though there shouldn't be any, etc.
mendace True,but that many 5 star votes is an indication that it is half decent,the opinion of version 1,is an opinion,this is what happens when a tab is voted on by a neutral,and i try to be neutral,as previous,i have explained my reasons,as moderators,it is your choice as to whether to reverse.
UltimateGuizar That is fine as a moderator,it is your choice whether to over rule,my decision was made in good faith,however being human,i would not be so arrogant to think i was always right,so i accept your view.
Quote by motoclangers
I would also add that version 1 is very highly rated 50+ 5 star ratings.

It's a fallacy that several or even many 5 star ratings means a tab is accurate, I thought we'd been over this before. Looks like mendace has covered the differences between the two tabs very well, and I can't see there being any question of it being a duplicate in this case.

Quote by motoclangers
True,but that many 5 star votes is an indication that it is half decent

I'm not sure I'd even go that far to be honest!
NSpen1 With respect 50+ is in my view an indication of being half decent,the submitter indicated that they wanted an easier version to play,which is based on version 1,however as mentioned several times,i accept the majority view in good faith,i have no problem with this decision being reversed,and understand all comments made.
Is it now time to move on ?
Have a great week all :-)
Sure, no problem.
Probably this thread was moving too fast, so that by the time I posted the point had already been made.
I just have a bit more cynical view about the ratings issue than you I guess
Yeah, like I said, I don't know anything about chords, so naturally, I didn't even realize there was a simplify feature. My bad. Sorry I couldn't be of help despite being a tab mod (seems like it's always the case, nowadays. >_> )
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