So I basically have two amps that I have hooked up to an ABY switcher (Radial Twin City Bones) and the sound is gorgeous! Wanted to use some delays however and am finding myself confused about how I should be hooking these things up.. I've heard people say I can use adapters (because my twin city is buffered and has a 'drag' knob which can dial in more impedance for longer cable runs they say I can use a stereo breakout adapter, etc.) but I'm not quite sure how or where that fits into my application

Originally I wanted my two amps to pan, but because of the ABY box I guess that's not possible.

So that's okay for now, I figured I'd run just a 'wet' and 'dry' for each amp. I have a Boss DD6 (2inputs/2Outputs), a EHX Stereo Pulsar (1 Main out 1 Stereo Out/1Input), and a Boss CE-5 (2 Outputs/1 Input) that I'm looking to use in the effects loop of one amp. I'm just not sure what the MONO function or the stereo functions do.. I figured I'd go from the send into the input of the pulsar, then use two patch cables to go into the DD-6, but from there the CE-5 has only one input and two inputs out into the return. 

So do I just go MONO out from there? My effects wouldn't be stereo right? Or are they just not stereo because there is no second amp 'present' and should just go MONO out anyways? I have Y-cables and adapters (like TS to two TRS for example or one TRS into two TS' both in different female and male configurations for each end) 

Thanks, just figuring this stuff out for the first time, having two amps on at the same time is such a tonal changer I'd love to keep it that way... Not sure if it's better two just hook up the front of the amps via stereo into the pedals but this would mean loss of tone right?  
Yeah, just go all mono, unless you want to replace your ABY with one of your stereo output pedals.
If you want stereo pan for chorus or Pulsar make that pedal the output of your board and send 1 cord to each amp.  No need for the ABY box.  If you want the ABY box just go 100% mono.  This setup is why players often choose a DMFX to handle all their delay, chorus, flange, reverb, univibe.  You can choose presets that are already dialed-in with mono or stereo effects as needed for each song.
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I just bought a Furman SPD8 and supposedly it can do stereo and feed into two amplifiers.. How can I hook all this up now?

I got it because I needed another way to power my pedals in the effects loop and on the floor and couldn't get long enough cables and another adapter (got this thing for 50 bucks so I'm pretty happy since another adapter + a daisy chain is around 30 bucks)