Hi there. As mentioned above, how much would you pay for a Fender Japan 30th Anniversary TL62B VSP Telecaster in mint condition? Considering that there's only 60 made in 2012. Reverb had one in good condition for $1200 US for comparisson. I think I might have overpaid hahaha. I paid $1400 for the guitar in dead mint condition. It plays extremely well though. The feel of the guitar is also superb. Would it had been better if I just bought an american tele at the same price point? Another question for tele players, what would be a great pickup that is not too noisy? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your replies.
"Rarity" is rarely (see what I did there?) a reason to overpay for a guitar these days. A lot of mine are one of one, but they haven't gained value for it walking out of the factory door.

Moreover, it's often the case that rarity is due to no one really wanting the guitar.

Gibson famously produced the Dark Fire (tarted up Studio) with great fanfare and a white case with graphics that read, "Gibson USA, Dark Fire, Limited Edition, First Run." They announced that they'd start the "production" run shortly after the Holidays. The guitar was so ill-received that merchants were still trying to get them out of inventory over a year later, and Gibson never did build another after the "First Run."

On the other hand, if the guitar is one that never comes up for sale and that you've been drooling over since its introduction, then maybe an overpay is in the cards. Gibson produced a Neal Schon sig guitar in an edition of 35 ("pilot run") at an MSRP of $10K (about $6500 street) that sold out almost in minutes. A falling-out with Neal meant that they (officially) didn't produce any more and refuse to at any price. It's nearly impossible to find an owner willing to let one go, so an overpay is likely.

BTW, what's wrong with the existing pickup? If you swap it out, it's no longer a Fender Japan 30th Anniversary TL62B VSP Telecaster. It's Yet Another Tele with a swapped-out pickup. It's a good way to depreciate the guitar significantly and reduce any collector value (if there were any to start with).
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I don't know if it the guitar in question has any special value but I agree that buying something that may be a "rarity" then making changes to it doesn't make sense. I would think you would have instantly devalued it. You can certainly find a nice used Tele for half that price easily. 
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