Hey all, so today I decided to buy some Travis Barker signature sticks for my brother. Right when we got home, we played the first Blink song we could come up with, and after the song, his floor tom ended up dented from using the sticks. We made sure it wasn't any other factor, as we used different pairs of sticks he normally uses. Any ideas why it would dent, and any remedies? Thanks in advance!
If you play equally hard with two sets of sticks and one dents the heads while the other doesn't it's down to the shape on the tips of the sticks.  The shape of the tips does change how you sound so if you like the sound you get from then Travis Barker sticks they you are just going to have to play softer or change the heads more often.
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Depends on several factors.

What heads? Single ply dent easier under heavier playing.

Technique? Hitting like a gorilla (ie: like Travis Barker) can dent heads.

Angle of the drums? If the tom is too angled or too low, the different tip of the stick will hit in a manner where the tip of the tip hits the head, applying more pressure in a smaller area, basically stabbing the head. You want the drums set where they are within easy reach/playability, and allow for proper sticking technique, so you hit with the side of the tip.

Tuning? If tuned too low, as in lower than JAW (just above wrinkle) there isn't enough tension on the head to absorb the impact. If tuning is the case, from trying to get the lowest tone possible, then tune up a bit. A properly tuned drum will sound lower. And if resonance is an issue, the moongel or a small bit of tape and a small folded square of paper towel can tame it.
I tune mine to JAW, and then an 8th of a turn up. Counting 360 degrees as one turn.

Another thing that ties in to technique, you can only hit drums so hard before maxing out its volume and dynamics. There is nothing wrong with hitting hard, but its good to learn the difference between hitting hard, and being overly aggressive. It saves heads and cymbals when hitting properly.

I've been drumming 9 years, and have always been a hard hitter. Only put 1 dent in 1 head from being dumb and throwing my sticks in to my rack toms at the end of a set. So any one, or combination of the above would be your cause.
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TB sticks are pretty big / heavy.

Check carefully though as they are painted, and it might just be paint marks you're seeing.