Hey folks,

I bought a set of Crunchy Pats from GFS but I swapped out the ceramic magnets for some Alnico V's I had lying around.  I like them much better now.  However, I lost a lot of wax in the process and my pickups are somewhat microphonic now.   I was wondering how I'd go about potting them again.  The kwik-plug connector is basically a small pcb unit with a mini-jack, and it seems to be glued to the bottom of the baseplate.  My question is does this change the potting process?  I'm worried if wax is not supposed to get in the mini-jack or on the pcb, or does it all drip out when the pickup resurfaces?  How does GFS pot their kwikplug pickups?  Do they simply install the kwikplug assembly after wax potting?  
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