So Noise records was responsible for Celtic Frost, Voivod, early Helloween, and several other bands if you haven't heard already, their parent company is 'reviving' Noise records and reissuing albums from the big bands that were on their lineup. What I know of the releases so far:

Celtic Frost:
Morbid Tales CD/2LP
To Mega Therion CD/2LP
Into the Pandemonium CD/2LP
Vanity/Nemesis CD/2LP
Innocence and Wrath (Best Of album) 2CD

RRRoooaaarrr 2CD/DVD and LP
Killing Technology 2CD/DVD and LP
Dimension Hatross 2CD/DVD and LP

Running Wild:
11th August 2017
Gates To Purgatory – Expanded CD & 180g LP
Branded And Exiled – Expanded CD & 180g LP
Under Jolly Roger - Expanded 2CD & 180g LP
Port Royal – Expanded CD & 180LP
Death Or Glory – Expanded 2CD & Gatefold Double 180g LP

25th August 2017
Blazon Stone – Expanded CD & Gatefold 180g LP
Pile Of Skulls – Expanded 2CD & Gatefold Double 180g LP
Black Hand Inn – Expanded CD & Gatefold Double 180g LP
Masquerade – Expanded CD & Double 180g LP

The only thing I've picked up so far is Killing Technology on CD. It comes in a cool 4-fold digipak with the album, a live CD and a DVD with really rough live footage. But holy shit those first 4 Running Wild albums. I definitely want Under Jolly Roger. If they reissue the first 3 Helloween albums... I might get Walls of Jericho since it's my favorite depending on what's in the package, but I have past reissues of their first 3 albums already.
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