The ones I'm considering are the Walrus Audio Voyager or Messner, JHS Morning Glory, EHX Soul Food, Tone Bakery Creme Brulee, Paul Cochrane Timmy, or the MXR Micro Amp or il Torino Overdrive. Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated as well as advice.
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what type of tone do you want? (transparent i'm guessing?)

what's the rest of your gear?
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I had the Soul Food and really liked it. I had it as an always-on kind of thing. Served me well.
I can also recommend the Mad Professor Sweet Honey if you're willing to spend a bit. I loved it.
Nerdbiscuit what amp are you planning running this through? that makes a difference.

If this is a 'post your favorite boost' thread you aren't going to get a lot of help. EVERYBODY has a favorite, and there are so damn many boosts on the market you are going to have a hundred opinions.

my boost of favorite low gain is the Hermida Audio Zendrive.
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If you want to keep the tone/characteristic of your amp the Timmy is a great choice. I use an AC30 and wanted to keep the amp's vibe so I got a Timmy and it works perfectly. Use it to just push the amp a little harder and add a little more dirt.