All the different repeat signs in this music confuses me, I understand what 1----- 2------ means. I also understand that I have to repeat bars 1-8 but I don't get the  two 1--- and two 2-----  ?

Hope it make sense. 

it's not letting me see the image, so it's hard to tell what the confusion is. any way you can get an embed code (or at least a image url that ends in .jpg or .png)?
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You play first time until the repeat sign then you play from the beginning and after bar 5 you skip to bar 9 and play till the end.

Simply 1 means "play first" and 2 "play at second round"
In this case it just seems to be a stupid way of marking it (and the person who transcribed the song probably just didn't know how to notate 1st and 2nd endings properly). There aren't actually two separate 1st endings and two separate 2nd endings - it's really just one 1st ending and one 2nd ending. So first time play bars 6-8 and second time play bars 9-11.

If something looks strange in a tab/music sheet that you find online, it's most likely that the person who transcribed the song didn't know what they were doing.
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