I am fortunate to have picked up a second hand Lazy J20 amplifier, but I am new to the electric guitar rig and I am looking for a good quality overdrive/distortion pedal to run with it. I am playing at quite low volume, so I am unable to push the amp. I am therefore looking for something that will be more distorted than a boost or perhaps even an overdrive. I want something that will offer the option of more gain than the Wampler Tumnus which I have played through it.

To try and explain the sound I'm looking for, it is quite tight and crunchy. Something almost 80s rhythm guitar sound. 

A few possibles are:
ZVEX Double Rock
Suhr Riot Reloaded
Bogner Burnley
Way Huge Fat Sandwich
Keeley (most)
Lazy J Cruiser (which I presume will work well)

Any suggestions or comments are gratefully recieved.

MI audio crunchbox is pretty much aimed at that tone. i've only tried cheaper clones, though, and they have a new version of the super crunchbox out now. as i said, there are cheap clones (of the older version) by the likes of joyo, mooer etc. if you want to see (roughly) what it's like without spending too much.

out of what you've listed i'd guess the riot would do it as well (again, only tried cheapo clones )
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