So I have been learning guitar for a bit and I was getting ready to learn playing by ear after I got my hearing back as I had lost (maybe not the right term as I never had it) the ability to hear well in my left ear after a surgery. Thing is the surgery didn't work and has caused me to lose the last of my hearing in my left. I will not let this stop me from playing guitar and being good so if anyone has any advice on how to learn to play by ear even if hearing impared I would greatly appreciate it. 
While I don't know that I'm going to be able to help very much directly (I just don't know enough), I would like to ask for a key piece of information that you might have implied but bears stating outright:

How impaired are you exactly?  Like, how much can you hear in general?
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Idk but very little.  My left is gone completely after the surgery failed and my right is damaged but almost normal so that's fine. 
The only thought that comes to mind is to  watch out when using headphones - since a guitar can be panned left or right depending on a song. If you listen on speakers that won't be an issue.

tony00237 You may find it harder to recognise chord types by ear, at least initially ... I think it's the case that the left ear sends sounds for harmonic analysis to the right hand side of the brain, which is more specialised for this purpose.  I'll have to reread about this.

Given your situation, you may find it advantageous to also fully utilise your sense of vision and touch to reinforce the association between a sound, what the possible shapes are on the guitar tyo create that sound, and the mechanics of forming those shapes