the mxr is a better unit, period. it also has both the volume and gain sliders as well. which is another plus.
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Different EQ pedals adjust different frequency bands. So no, they do not all sound the same.

Generally the more bands an EQ pedal can adjust, the more powerful and versatile that EQ pedal becomes.

The MXR 10-band is pretty much the king of the graphic EQ pedals though. There's plenty of headroom, it's quiet, the EQ bands you can adjust are in very useful frequencies, the gain sliders have lots of adjustment range, and the volume and gain sliders mean you can even use the 10-band as a boost. There's really no reason to use anything else.
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Between those two I would lean toward the MXR. The Boss,iirc, is one of those mini rack types and I would rather have a stomper. 
MXR just released a new version of their 10 band EQ. it has reduced noise from older versions. I would highly recommend it! 
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Another vote for the MXR, esp. if you can get the KFK with the extra stripe for super brootz!
Personally, if I can't get it done with a 6 band or even a parametric, it is probably not worth doing it
Seriously - taking too much out with eq is not good for your tone and I've found that it responds differently in different venues, kinda like doing eq on your full band mix. I'd rather use something like the Tech21 QStrip or Carl Martin Parametric eq, but they're not cheap. Second hand I think Aphex made one in pedal form that was really good. Empress and EH have new parametric eqs on the market that might be of interest.
I got both. the boss sounds slightly better but the mxr is quieter. the boss has a fuller tone to it more saturation/overdriven sound.
Are you in need of 10 bands? Tom's Line (or Aroma) 5 band is a little pearler and they cost less than $50.I  have one on my blues board to cope with lower output pickups and I was surprisingly impressed for the cost. I think I paid $35 for mine. Check ebay.
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I've never tried anything other then the mxr. Had it 10 years now and quiet as a church mouse. All I've ever needed.
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