Hi, I just acquired an Ibanez Tone blaster TBX15R Practice amp, everything else works well except the reverb. Playing the guitar and moving the reverb knob makes no difference at all it's just dead.  With NO Guitar plugged in, when I touch the reverb springs it does make a noise but only very low volume, however when you turn the reverb knob down it does stop the reverb noise. 

The wires all look to be good and as it makes a sound when you touch them it suggests the wiring is all good.  Just either no reverb at all when the Guitar is plugged in OR it is jus at such a low volume you can't hear it.

Anyone ever had that before? 
Any ideas what to try?
I could return it and get my money back but I want to check if it's just something stupid I can fix myself first.
monwobobbo Yes all the wires are in as far as I can tell (it is hardwired in - not RCA plugs).  If the reverb is turned right up to 10 and you touch the springs it does make a noise so that suggests it is "working", or not totally 0 output.  The problem is that the noise is so faint that it is barely audible, you can hear with with headphones plugged in but it makes no noticeable difference with the guitar plugged in..
Northernmonkey   is the reverb footswitchable by any chance. sounds like it's not really in the circuit. if you can return it for a new one then just do it and b sure to tell them the issue. 
monwobobbo No footswitch, and no chance of exchange.  It was from a second hand shop and has a 30 day warranty, would rather fix it and have it working but if I can't I can always take it back.