Hi guys,

I'm in the process of moving into a new place and I'm selling a a bunch of gear to make space in there.  I've already sold one of my amps and a few pedals, which went fine, but I'm a little unsure about how to get guitars out to whoever ends up buying them without damaging them in transit.

It seems kind of obvious that I just need to find a box big enough and stuff with protective beads/foam/bubble wrap/whatever to cushion it, but my main concerns are:
1) where to find a box big enough to ship a guitar in
2) one of the guitars doesn't have a hard case, and I'm a little nervous about how best to pack it.

I'm based in the UK, if that makes any difference.

If anyone's done this kind of thing before and might be able to help, I'd love your suggestions!
Your local guitar shops can often provide a box. It's best to *double* box your guitar, though that will add some weight.

Leave a LOT more room between the headstock and the box than you think you need. And pack that with impact absorbent material. As much as possible, you want to keep the headstock from flailing around wherever it's located. Pack the interior of a hard case with absorbent material that keeps the guitar (and particularly the headstock) from moving around. Make sure that the headstock does not touch the inside of the case. It's not enough to simply put the guitar into a case and then protect the case. Your guitar will arrived damaged. Do the same for the bottom of the guitar. The body of the guitar acts like a hammer when the box is dropped on the headstock end. It's also best to secure the body from moving as much as possible, and that includes fore-and-aft as well as side to side.
"If you want your guitar to survive shipping, pack it so that it could survive a 3-foot direct fall onto concrete."

Because 3 feet is how high the back ledge of the UPS truck floats off the ground.
just be aware that if it's not in a hard case, the courier probably won't insure it, even if they take money for extra insurance- check the small print.

and a lot of them won't insure it, or will limit the payout to a small amount, even if it is in a hard case. again, check the small print.

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