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So yesterday, I wrote a thread about amps (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1757684#1) and damn, you guys are good. So, I've got a MG100FX, and you's shut it down. Keep the Chibson. Don't need pedals. GET RID OF THE AMP THOUGH! So, my next question is, what do I go for? They're was a right dick on Gumtree (the UK Craigslist for y'all Americans) selling a 300w Marshall 4x12" 412a for get this, £25! I spoke to the fella, but I couldn't be arsed with the dude, he kept putting the phone down, beign awkward and just all round a prick. So I now need gear. Do I go with a Valve with a Cab? Or do I buy a combo? I need help!

I only 'want' to pay about £100 - £200, but I can stretch to like maybe £500 if it's good, good gear. 

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#2. What will you realistically be using the amp for (too many people think they NEED a half stack, and then it never leaves their bedroom)? 

Practicing at home?

Playing with a drummer ever?

Live gigs?
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