Hi guys

I am looking into replacing the licensed floyd rose of my Razorback for a decent one, and I have considered Schaller and Gotoh as brands with good reputation. Are those bands compatible with the Razorback size wise? So far I do know that the Razorback is normally 43mm in nuts locker, but I am not so sure about the bridge itself and whether it would fit or not in the wood compartment. Thanks in advance. 
Take measurements of the licensed Floyd with a set of calipers and compare those measurements to the technical drawings you'll find online of the bridges you're looking to upgrade to.

The drawings are provided when you look at any of the product listings for exactly this purpose.
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jonalcover Determine whether or not any of the Schallers will fit first before worrying about any alternatives if they don't.

There's very little point being concerned about a problem that might very well not exist.
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Can you give a little more information on the guitar itself ?
Assuming that it has the licensed Floyd Rose it's probably an explosion or cemetery gates guitar ?
Mine that has Floyd Rose Special has the same measurements with the Original Floyd Rose.
A friend of mine that had the explosion (with the licensed floyd) had to route his guitar's cavity in order to fit the Original FLoyd Rose.

Also, I would stick to the Original Floyd Rose although schaller makes some really awesome ones :P
I just like to stick to the original thing.

What I would recommend is that you took the guitar to a professional and ask for his help. You just go to your nearest guitar store and ask for their opinion...

Good Luck finding your next floyd :P

PS. May I ask why do you consider to replace your licensed floyd rose tremolo ?
DHF1234well that's quite valuable information cheers pal. It's a cheapey version; probably among the crappiest you can get. And some git has been fiddling around with the parts and screwed it over even more. Saddles are uneven, screws worn out... Is an utter mess; needs desperate replacing. The rest of the guitar is a reasonable good one and is in good condition; and for a manufacturer original set of pickups it sounds surprisingly good
monwobobbodo they? Oh smashing. As long as it keeps the dimensions I am happy. So far I've noticed that the standard nut locker is normally a mm below mine hence my consultations. Ta v much
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Schaller just makes a decent copy version of them

Check your history. Schaller has made the production FR' s since the early 80s.
^ the lockmeister is, as far as I'm aware, an OFR with the schaller stamp on it instead of "floyd rose", because the patent ran out.

you can check the measurements on both of their sites if you want to be sure.
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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Yes. A Floyd is a Floyd. Not saying not to check as I believe there are a couple sizes. The place you order from likely can help as well. Most Floyd's are direct replacements. It's only when you deal with other types of locking trend based on Floyd's that you may have an issue
No one here has yet recommended feeding the entire guitar to a wood chipper and buying a new one.
I'm so proud of you.
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No one here has yet recommended feeding the entire guitar to a wood chipper and buying a new one.
I'm so proud of you.

Why would they do it? Because it's not Les Paul, strat or tele? Everyone plays what they like. I own razorback ttsb 255 myself, and don't think I will change it for other model, will buy epiphone annihilation 2, but won't sell my razorback.
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No one here has yet recommended feeding the entire guitar to a wood chipper and buying a new one.
I'm so proud of you.

Who would suggest that?
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There's always someone.

As it happens in this case, you.
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As it happens in this case, you.

Well, no, I would *never* say such a thing.
It takes just one nostalgic purist of some old fashioned item, to have a herd of plonkers repeating the same like stoned parrots without even knowing why. I am very happy with my Razorback, other than the shitty bridge, and whoever thinks otherwise is more than welcome to jump himself into the wood chipper and sod off. Couldn't give less a toss tbh. 
Well, what's wrong with the Floyd you have in there currently?  

Pics of what you have may help along with any identifying features such as words or stamps for anyone that may have already done this project to help you.  

Year of the guitar, model, etc.   

Other than that measure what you have exactly and buy one with the same measurements from a vendor that has a good return policy if it doesn't fit.  
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metalmingee it sucks mate, believe. I don't even need to upload pictures,,, I can only assume is a chinky cheap version of the ones you can find in amazon for 15 quid. I think I am going for the Schaller. For all I heard it keeps the standard measures of any floyd
The "Schaller" floyd is identical to the Floyd Rose II.  It has shorter bolts out back (requiring a shorter route), I think needs to be mounted about a 1/8 of an inch FURHTER from the neck, which might give you intonation problems if you swap between the two, and the baseplate size is a bit different also.  The Lockmeister does seem like a Schaller branded version of the OFR and I would expect it to fit and perform identical to the german made OFR.

The Gotoh is a very nice trem. I REALLY like it and in some ways prefer it to the OFR. IT DOES have a slightly bigger baseplate though and the radius at the bridge is a bit different from OFR (10 inch vs 14 inch).