First off, I'll probably say something stupid or obvious, just bare with me.

I used to just play my amp and music aloud and combine it that way but I'm in an apartment now and can only play without headphones on low volume. I've been using earbuds for my music and then headphones over those for my amp. It does the trick but I'm getting tired of dealing with all the wires. Either there's too much and they're getting tangled or not enough and I'm limited to a small range.

What would be a relatively cheap and easy alternative to get both the amp and music to play into headphones? My amp is a Fender Frontman 15G. It has a red and white aux in port, is it as simple as getting an adapter to plug my music into that? Or would that go through the same distortion my guitar goes through as well? I purchased a Behringer MicroMix MX400 the other day to try and combine them and it works but only for the clean setting. Dumb me shoulda known combining the guitar and music before the amp would just distort both sources. DUH! Oh well now I know lol.
The aux channel should bypass the preamp and is intended for exactly what you want to do. You need probably an 1/8" to RCA cable and you should be all set.
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Any cheap mixer with a headphone output will work.  Unfortunately the one you bought doesn't have a headphone jack.  And it's mono anyway.