[h]The Kit[/h]

The kit has arrived with a rosewood fretboard, Mahagoni neck and maple plywood hollow body. The fretboard has acrylic block inlays.

Preparing the Neck
The neck was way off. To korrekt the neck position I made some wooden studs, so I could set the bridge temporarily. 

With thad I was able to measure the angle for the action and the rotation of the neck.  To measure the alignment to the centerline of the body, I used my self made Centerline Finder.

With some Mahogany veneer I'v shimed the neck to the proper angle and centerline.

The build on YouTube. 
where did you get the kit?  It looks like a very good one.
Not taking any online orders.
rudysblues Most kit's require some fine tunning.  I'm thinking of getting very hard about getting one of these so I'm very interested to see what you think it sounds like at the end.
Not taking any online orders.
Shim the neck to the soundboard

Through the alignment process, the neck has become a little far up from the soundboard. So I decided to shim the gap to the soundboard.

Trem screws reinforce
To screw the trem system with two screws only through the soundboard seems a little weak to me, so I made me two blocks of wood to glue under the soundboard. To glue them in the right spot, I made a Template of paper, thad I taped on the inside.

Glue the neck
To glue in the neck was fairly easy. I glued the neck with Titebond wood glue. I'v spreaded the glue with a thin peace of cardboard on the body side of the joint. The neck I clamped with two clamps an two blocks of plywood thad have a layer of cork. The block on the fretboard side have a radius thad matches the radius of the fretboard.

Superglue the neck joint
The wood glue has left a slight grove on some spots on the neck joint. This grove I have filled with superglue. On the side of the body and neck joint I made a barrier with painters tape and some teflon to prevent the glue from dripping out.

Part 2 on YouTube
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Next time buy an alston. The american "elite kitbuilders" buy shit kits from china , quadruple the price then tell you you arent cool if  you dont buy theirs. Offense intended.

To me it looks like you have more skill  and tools than the people who buitl the guitar. That you instantly fixed the neck problem. .. wow.. that's 90% of guitarbuilding!! Take your time on the paint. I Strongly suggest using lacquer and auto rattlecans (the good stuff). Seal the wood. Stewmac has a great price on the sealer.  And be prepared to replace ALL of the electronics and most of the hardware. I cannot WAIT to see it im betting it's going to be a work of art (ive built a kit jem and im in love with it)