Hi, maybe this question has already been asked, but i didn't really find any answer in other threads.
I'm not searching for songs "to play to my girlfriend", or some "famous songs that you need to know",
I'm looking for standalone songs to play on an acoustic guitar, something like Genesis - Horizon, Pink Floyd - Is there anybody out there, or Tallest Man On Earth - Love is all.
I play guitar since 2 years now, and i'm out of ideas, i hope you guys could help me!
By the way, I can't sing.
And sorry for my bad english.
Type "solo guitar instrumentals" in your search bar.  I always liked "Classical Gas", never stop working on it!
Nothing stops me from playing a song if I like it.  I've always ignored or only basically paid attention to the sheet chords.  I'll experiment with progressions and keys that include the nature of the song as to beat and other instruments so, for me there's no such thing as standalone songs.
I've played the Who's TOMMY album from cover to cover including the strictly instrumental parts.  
With practice or training anybody can sing unless there's an ear problem or the vocal chords just won't work right so if I were you I'd sing my butt off (in private I guess) and enjoy it.
Your English is better than most who've been speaking it all their lives so, good job.
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Classical Gas is a great song to play. Not the easiest but good practice to build skill. 
This is actually an interesting thread. I have a cheapo classic guitar I bought for the music group back in high school, I pick it from times to times but I end up putting it aside and picking up one of my electrics because I prefer to play a nice solo or something and I can't find anything that keeps me entertained on it.
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