You can give a reason, story, comment on a bygone axe or gear, which one hurt/you miss the most, etc. I'll start & add some backstory later:

Gibson Flying V (tears) - got married (mistake). Need I say more?
Peavey T60 - my first electric, so long ago i can't remember why i got rid of it. I do remember it having a good sound.
Mex Strat -  I musta needed some cash bad. Also a nice sounding axe, but I've never owned another Strat, as I got into Jacksons.
Hohner Les Paul copy - great guitar I gave to a niece, what hurts is it sat in her closet & went to shit. The heart, man, she'll make ya do things...
Ovation Celebrity - Bought as a travel/practice axe, hated it, gone.
Seagull Acoustic - Traded off for some pedal I can't remember. Not a very good guitar, so...
Montgomery Ward Acoustic - I busted a friend's guitar accidentally during a party, & it was all I had to give him to replace his. Raw deal for him, I think he had the better guitar b4 I broke it. No, it was NOT that much better, if you are wondering.
ART SGE (gdsob!) sucked losing this piece of gear! - See Flying V above, went at the same time.
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I bought a Schecter C-1 and sold it two days later because I was being impetuous.

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I bought a Schecter C-1 and sold it two days later because I was being impetuous.

Hehe. I noticed there are alotta variations in the C-1, the Classic has a beautiful floral job on the neck, I wonder how they can do that at such a low price. I was gonna buy a Hellraiser one time, backed out of the purchase and regretted it ever since.
I've never put myself in a financial situation that warranted selling my gear.

All the gear I've sold I've sold for good reason. Mainly because I bought better gear that made my old gear obsolete. I keep the good stuff and don't get tempted to sell other gear to fund more of it because I know I will regret it later.

I suppose one guitar I might regret losing was my first ever guitar many years ago. A Stagg Flying V copy that had so many problems that I gave it away. But that's purely for nostalgic reasons. I know for a fact it was junk. And it is more likely in the hands of someone who will find it more useful than me. So I don't really mind that I got rid of it.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
I have this distortion pedal that I don't use anymore cause it is terrible.
never really need to sell an instrument during tough financial times.

or rather, i've been in a decent amount of debt for a while and selling my guitar, bass, and only working (starter) amp wouldn't make a difference anyway.

having cheap things is nice. they're not worth enough money to ever warrant selling during hard times. yay!

i do have an interface thing i've been on the fence about selling.

used it once years ago then never touched it again, but i'm occasionally like "maybe i'll record my own weird Atom and His Package kind of shit someday"
I sold my Tele amd a Fender Super Sonic 60. I might end up buying them again in the future. I loved them, but I didn't have any room for them.
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Recently I unfortunately had to sell my Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C1 FR. I loved that guitar, it was my baby but I lost my job and had to feed my kids. I'll eventually get another one.
ST57 CIJ Paisley Strat. Got it for $400. The girl hated it, sold it for $300. Dumped the girl, now it's worth $950.
I had an Agile SG copy (back before they changed the design to that lame diagonal SG look) that I sold on the cheap or gave to a friend. Would have liked to still have it 
My God, it's full of stars!
Once, I went into a music shop and noodled upon a guitar waaay out of my budget.

Afterwards, I left the shop and went home.
Ask frankowillo.

Though apparently he won guitars after that incident (don't know if they just decided it was okay to let him cheat or what) so it's not as funny if that is true.
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I sold my custom made Warwick bass and my Martin DCPA4 Rosewood acoustic before relocating to Hong Kong. Needed some seed money to start up in a new country, plus I didn't want to risk the Martin with the huge jump in humidity. But now, 4 months in, I'm well in the way to replacing both.
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Once, I went into a music shop and noodled upon a guitar waaay out of my budget.

Afterwards, I left the shop and went home.

but did you go back because you felt saucy and then you bought it in cash, specifically singles?
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
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because you felt saucy

I've already told you once: noodling was involved.

How could anybody noodle without sauce?
never sold any of my gear, because nothing i own is that expensive
i have 3 amps, 4 guitars (left-handed), 1 electronic sampling mixing/lpd mini board, 2 pedals, 1 keyboard, etc
all in the 100-400 dollar price range, so nothing warrants being ever being given away
definitely take a bit of sentimental value to my first instruments of course
i'll probably end up selling my old clarinet + hard case on ebay down the line, because i only used it for a couple years in middleschool
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