The term "breakdown" has understandably gotten a bad name for itself thanks to the rise of shitty and generic metal/death core bands. But I can't be the only person that believes, when done right, breakdowns can be some of the greatest and heaviest parts of metal. So, to bring a positive light back to the term, I want to start a thread of songs/bands that give breakdowns a good name. I'll start!

I was torn between "We Are the Sleep", "I Am War", or "The Journey" by this band, but this is the only song off of the album that I could find on youtube (damn Canadian internet). These guys are solely responsible for me delving into death metal, and evoke a bizarre feeling of nostalgia despite only discovering them a year or two ago. More importantly, their tasteful "taste" in breakdowns gets my blood curdling.

I don't know where to begin with Havok. I've been a huge fan of thrash for ages, so I was more than delighted to discover them. They revitalize the old, with enough fresh ideas to truly define their own sound. Not to mention, the breakdown at the 2:00 mark is a delicious blend of Pantera grooves with some death metal splashes. Never fails to make me want to smash shit \m/

Whether you love or hate the djent movement, you can't deny the impact Meshuggah have made. It admittedly took a long time for them to grow on me, but goddamn did they grow on me like fungus on forgotten food in the back of the fridge. Typically I can't stand the more "mechanical" bands which seem to dominate the scene today (especially prog. What the fuck happened to th...you know what, I won't get into that right now). But Meshuggah has some sort of je ne sais quoi about them. Even though I prefer their first album - you know, when they were basically prog-thrash - I still have a great appreciation for their whole discography, especially their newest album. Plus, with breakdowns like the one at 4:20, it's hard not to like their transition phase between thrash and djent.

And finally,

Do I really need to say anything? You all know the song. You all know "the riff". Just play the song and bang your fucking heads \m/
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Cryptopsy's Slit Your Guts:

about 1:50 in. Sincerely face smashing. It's beautiful.
Some good stuff here, but I think I will shuffle things up with a breakdown from Anubis Gate (power/prog) in the track Dodecahedron. The breakdown is about 3:15 into the track.

Also don't know why people don't like this album more. A little more grind is required in my death metal.