Hi all,
Usually a guitar player. Recently picked up an old bass and a Rumble 25 and started playing. I don't know a whole lot about amplification or speakers, but along with the regular input jack, the amp has separate aux in and headphone jacks. I know it's not harmful to, for example, plug my iPod into the aux in and just play music through the amp, and I also know (obviously), that it's not harmful to just plug the bass into the regular input and play. My question is, is it harmful to do both at the same time? As someone who likes to play along to songs on my iPod, this seems (on paper)  like a decent idea, but my lack of knowledge with amps has me really second-guessing myself. Any information on this would be super helpful, thanks.

EDIT: i understand that even if this isn't harmful, it's probably a pretty dumb way to play along to songs, and it's not normally how I do that, but I was just genuinely curious. Also, if someone would be nice enough to conceptually explain what's going on when I'm doing both of those things at the same time, that'd be great. Cheers. 
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That's the whole point of the aux in being included.

Think of it like a mixer, albeit a very simple one. Two sources (in this case, your bass and your iPod) are combined into one signal and then sent to the power amp section of your amp.
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